Office Dog

Favorites & Hobbies

Before education – bacon, apples, cheeseburger, treats, sleeping on human beds, dog park outings, barking at everyone who entered the office, swimming

After completing education – obeying mom, respecting office visitors, swimming, walking, and playing

Bucky M. Mayoral

“Ruff Ruff”


Office Puppy June 2016 – Dec 2017
Well-mannered Office Dog January 2018 – present


Guthrie’s International Trainers & Breeders January 2018

(three very long weeks of in-residence training)

Human Family

Stephanie & Chloe Mayoral


Tucson, Arizona

What will your experience be?

Personnel, Professional, Passionate Financial Life Planning.

Larry Lof

President, Founder
Wealth Strategist
Financial Life Planner

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Stephanie Mayoral

CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor)
Financial Life Planner

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Sue Lubbers

Executive Service Administrator

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Tom Forsythe

Registered Representative
Business Consultant
Long Term Care Specialist

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Lisa Thurman

Assistant Financial Life Planner

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