What is Financial Life Planning?

Think of the raw materials used to build your financial home. Now, visualize these materials lying around, unassembled, uncoordinated.

  • Investments     Health Care     Heirs
  • Wills     Insurance     Charity
  • Trusts     Living Expenses     Retirement Plans
  • Social Security     Education     Annuities

How will you put them together to build a strong, enduring structure to shelter you, your spouse, and your children now and in the future?

This is where we come in.

We are Lof Financial Advisors – your architect and general contractor.

When you team with Lof Financial Advisors, you don’t have to know all the questions. That’s our job! We identify potential risks to your Financial Life Plan and work with you and your other professional advisors to address them. We also monitor your financial home to keep it running smoothly for years.


Education, Examination, Experience, Ethics


  • Most have a four-year finance-related college degree
  • All must complete theoretical and practical financial planning training at a college or university offering a curriculum approved by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards


  • Pass a comprehensive, two day integrated format certification examination covering:
    • principals of financial, insurance, employee benefits, income tax, retirement , and estate planning and risk management
  • Complete recertification bi-annually


  • Must have a minimum three years experience to obtain a working knowledge on financial planning counseling skills


  • Must pass an ethics review and agree to abide by the CFP Board’s Financial Planning Practice Standards and a strict code of professional conduct known as the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • The Code states CFP® practitioners are to act with integrity, offering professional services that are objective and based on client needs

Not every financial planner is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. You and your family deserve nothing less than to work with a CFP® professional in pursuing your Financial Life Plan.

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What can you expect from us?

  • Initial, complimentary, three-step information gathering, get-to-know each other process resulting is a written financial plan
  • Coordination of your financial life plan with all of your other professional advisors (CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.)
  • Continually review, monitor and adjust your financial life plan

Trend Following –

an investment strategy that aims to seek market gains by analyzing the trend a particular asset is experiencing – is a concept Lof believes in.

What will your experience be?

Personnel, Professional, Passionate Financial Life Planning.

Larry Lof

President, Founder
Wealth Strategist
Financial Life Planner

Read more about Larry Lof

Stephanie Mayoral

CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor)
Financial Life Planner

Read more about Stephanie Mayoral

Sue Lubbers

Executive Service Administrator

Read more about Sue Lubbers

Tom Forsythe

Registered Representative
Business Consultant
Long Term Care Specialist

Read more about Tom Forsythe

Jill Jewett

CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor)
Assistant Financial Life Planner

Read more about Jill Jewett

Financial Life Planning for Women

When you think about your Financial Life Plan, what concerns do you have?

  • Not being able to take care of yourself and the people you love?
  • Not having enough money in retirement?
  • Having to rely on someone else to support you? Lack of autonomy?
  • Properly transferring wealth to heirs?
  • Having excessive debt burden?
  • Not having a trusted listener when a partner is gone?
  • Effectively managing an inheritance and/or death benefit?

At Lof Financial Advisors, our THREE STEP PROCESS:

  • Is complimentary
  • Addresses and resolves these concerns


  • We listen – get to know you and your concerns
  • Make written recommendations for your immediate use


  • In a working session with you, we compile a detailed, written financial plan to address your concerns and identify areas of opportunity for you future financial well-being.


  • We meet with you to explain our investment process and philosophy.

Emerging Wealth

Who are they?  People who are:

  • Raising families
  • Well into their careers
  • Making decisions on
    • Saving for retirement
    • Providing for children’s education
    • Protecting families with life insurance
    • Developing wills and trusts
    • A host of items affecting their family’s current and future financial well being

What do they need?  A financial advocate who will help them:

  • Set up their Financial Life Plan
  • Deal with today’s economic realities

At Lof Advisors LLC, this is what we do and we do it well. And we do it at a time and place convenient to you.

Independent Advisor Financial Life Planning Services

What it Means to You.

  • Access to the finest products and services available with no other considerations other than your best interests

What facilitates our independence?

  • Our broker/dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., endorses a universe of non-propriety investment and financial life planning tools.
    • No pressure to promote in-house products and no sales quotas


  • Lof Financial Advisors provides you with the best of both worlds,
    • An agile Financial Life Planning firm
    • Access to the resources of one of the highest rated broker/dealers in the U.S.

Cambridge Investment Research, LLC

Please visit the Cambridge website, www.cir2.com. Find out more about the meaning of independence in Financial Life Planning.

Family Stewardship

Family Stewards are people…

  • Of all ages who
    • accept the responsibilities of ensuring the financial health for their families
      • spouses and children, grand children and/or parents.
  • who guide, facilitate, influence, direct and implement.
  • who are compassionate leaders
  • who help themselves, family members and family households address financial life-cycle needs:
    • education,
    • retirement,
    • aging,
    • investment management,
    • debt management,
    • estate planning (wills, trusts, etc.),
    • insurance protection,
    • etc. etc. etc.

Successful Financial Life Planning Helps Family Stewards Provide and Care for Their Families.

Lof Financial Advisors and Family Stewards

  • We develop all areas of your Financial Life Plan
    • not just investment management.
  • Example: Your Final Event – Planning for when either you or your spouse are no longer here
    • Are your trusted advisors’ (attorney, accountant, insurance agent, financial advisor) actions being coordinated?
      • Assure your spouse, family, extended family will be treated as you desire
        • Insurance and annuity beneficiaries
    • Lof Financial Advisors assures all of your advisors are on one agenda.

Are you or should you be your family’s Family Steward?

Contact us. We will understand your needs and work with you to develop your Financial Life Plan.

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