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Larry is out of the office this week.  Stay tuned for the Technical Corner next week.

Sue’s Thoughts

Here are a couple of tips for our Arizona readers.  I subscribe to ADOT’s emails and the following arrived last week.

Taxed by tax time? MVD makes it a little easier

Get all of your 2018 vehicle tax and fees information online

With tax season in full swing, the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division is doing its part to take some of the hassle out of filling out those forms for Uncle Sam.

MVD has unveiled the “Vehicle License Tax Paid in 2018” feature, which is now available for free at  ServiceArizona.com. This service provides vehicle owners a consolidated report on how much was paid in taxes and fees for every registered vehicle, in 2018.

“This is the simplest way for customers to get this information for filing their taxes,” said MVD Stakeholder Relations Manager Jennifer Bowser-Richards. “Getting this report just takes a few minutes and it’s much easier than going into your garage, collecting all your registration forms and copying them for your tax files. It’s one more convenience that MVD provides to stay ahead of the curve serving our customers.”


The second ADOT tip arrived at the end of January and it is an introduction to a new website. Roundabouts make me nervous, and this website has a section covering that subject!

ADOT launches website focused on safe driving

FocusOnDriving.com has tips for experienced, new drivers

PHOENIX – Have you ever wondered what action to take when an overhead sign warns of an oncoming wrong-way driver? Curious about how to proceed when a dust storm appears on the horizon? Want to confirm the logistics of navigating a roundabout?

FocusOnDriving.com has answers to those questions and more.

This week, the Arizona Department of Transportation launchedFocusOnDriving.com, a collection of safe-driving resources aimed to make motorists more informed about how to stay safe on Arizona’s roads.  The site contains video public service announcements, information from current and past safety campaigns and general safe-driving tips.

“This website provides a wide variety of safe-driving information to drivers,” said ADOT director John Halikowski. “Informed drivers make better decisions and, in turn, that makes Arizona’s roads safer for all of us.”

Current safe-driving topics on the site include wrong-way drivers, dust storms, winter weather, child safety seats, Arizona’s “Move Over” law and more.

For more information, visitFocusOnDriving.com.


By the Numbers x 2

MORE THAN HALF – 53% of American taxpayers reported less than $40,000 of adjusted gross income for tax year 2016 (source: Internal Revenue Service).

SPRING IS IN THE AIR – Training camps for major league baseball teams open this week. The minimum salary for a major league baseball player for 2019 is $555,000. To rank in the top 1% of all US taxpayers (based upon 2016 tax data) required an adjusted gross income level of at least $480,804 (source: MLB).  – Michael A. Higley, BTN 02-11-2019

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